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Your financial life is complex, and it only seems to get more complex. Our professional technology and personal guidance can help organize and focus, affording you the time to turn your attention to the aspects of life that bring you joy.


Taking the time to understand your values and needs, we help you design your future. We bring together clients and specialists to provide the planning, tools, and experience to help you reach your goals.


We monitor and adjust your plan with you as life and conditions change. Educating clients so they are confident making smart decisions in a variety of financial situations is a hallmark of our practice.

Who We Are

We are an ensemble of financial professionals working collaboratively to provide an effective and deeply satisfying experience for our clients. That experience includes a comfortable and clear conversational style, focus on education, and genuine interest in your comfort and care combined with our breadth of experience and creative planning strategies.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Your life is complex; your finances don't need to be. We'll help you align your wealth with your life objectives.

Asset & Investment Management

Beyond 'buy and sell', a well managed portfolio can bend and bow without breaking.

Accumulation Objectives

Short, Mid, and Long Term

Your goals are what drive you, making sure your financial plan aligns with those goals drives your plan.

Distribution Management

Certain account types require timely withdrawals. We can help you understand why, when, and how these distributions affects you.

Major Purchase Planning

Some goals have loftier price tags than others. Incorporating big ticket items like a house or property can help ensure your plan's success.

Life-Responsive Budgeting and Saving

Life happens. An unexpected change in plans shouldn't break your financial plan.

Debt Management

Taking a comprehensive view of your debt, or debts you may plan on taking on, we help find the best solutions for payoff and plan longevity.

Retirement and Post-Retirement Planning

We often see retirement as the goal - but what then? Income, activity, and inheritance are just some factors of post-retirement strategy.

Continuing Tax Planning

We regularly look for tax opportunities, factoring in considerations like income, charitable giving, purchasing time, and planned expenses.

Risk Management

Everyone has different comfortability with risk in regards to investments. Our job is to help educate you on the risk factors, and match you with products that suit your comfort.

Education Funding Strategy

College and secondary education are an investment of their own. Whether planning for yourself or your posterity, we can help lay plans.

Charitable Giving Strategy

Causes are close to the heart, and may even help your overall tax situation. We can help you find charities and investments that align with your values.

Life, Disability, and Health Insurance

We are happy to help with your employer or self managed insurances, as well as evaluating what insurance types are appropriate for your situation.

Property and Liability Protection

Ensuring proper coverage for your assets can be an integral portion of your financial plan.

Long Term Care Strategy

Part of post-retirement planning is planning how you're taken care of in retirement. Long term care considerations are incorporated into your plan.

Estate Planning

What happens when we aren't around to hold our wealth any longer? Our network specialists work with you and your advisor to devise this plan.

Our Advisors

Our Personal Financial Advisors, having developed vibrant, independent financial practices spanning decades, decided their clients would benefit from combining and leveraging the strengths each brings to the table. In 2008 they came together as Full Circle Financial. Their unique approach to serving clients has attracted other like-minded professionals to the group over the years, which has grown to include a network of multi-disciplinary specialists including investment strategists, insurance, estate planning and retirement planning professionals in offices across the Midwest serving clients in nearly every state.

How are you being supported?

  • Our clients set the agenda and scope of services provided
  • No national investment firm or bank budget and bottom line to support
  • No sales agenda or proprietary products we're required to sell
  • No limited menu of products to stretch into the resemblance of comprehensive solutions to your needs.
  • Our independence from rigorous product advertisers and bank objectives allows us to make recommendations consistent with reaching the most important objectives--yours
  • With access to a vast array of products and services available in the marketplace, both traditional and alternative, we are able to match your needs to appropriate solutions, selecting the best fit and value without compromise

Meet your Advisory Team

Ready to Meet? Schedule your Complimentary Initial Consultation

Our goal is to provide you with ongoing personal service, regular check-ups, resources for continued growth and education, and answers to the financial questions and needs that arise as you move through life.

  • Complimentary Initial Consultation

    A trusting client-advisor relationship is the foundation of a strong financial plan. Your first meeting with us is complimentary, and lets us determine mutual fit, and the scope of services necessary to complete your objectives.

    Schedule Your First Meeting

  • Confirmation Interview

    Once we have gathered your important financial documents and uploaded them to your secure client vault, we'll meet on the phone, in person, or online to gather your information with our Confidential Client Questionnaire.

  • Analysis and Recommendations Delivery

    After case analysis and collaboration with specialists, your advisor will present a plan that aligns with your goals, risk tolerance, and values. If there are any changes, these will be added to your plan and may be finalized with another meeting.

  • Plan Implementation

    We'll get the wheels in motion. Agreed on strategies are administered, and we will together decide on a review meeting schedule that makes sense for your life and your financial plan. When a life event or just life happens, your advisor is just a phone call away.

  • Regular Ongoing Access to Your Advisor

    Continued access to your advisor, client service team, and personal financial website are highlights of the Full Circle experience. When factors come up that affect your life and goals, you can always reach out to your advisor and their team for help and guidance, we are at your beck and call.

    Talk with an Advisor Today

After we have developed an analysis of your current situation, and together made a plan, our work is not finished. Offering ongoing unlimited support to our clients, we like to say we are at your beck and call. Regularly scheduled review meetings will be offered at a frequency you determine, but between meetings you should rely on us to help with connections to other professionals, aspects of your life that affect or change your financial plan, and anything else we can be of help with.

We are committed to you and to those you care about. Should a friend or family member of a client find themselves in a situation they could use financial advice on, we provide consultative appointments to review and provide direction to your friend or family member at no cost. If they are important to you, they are important to us.

I'm Ready, Let's Get Started

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A complimentary initial consultation is always available to new potential clients

Fair compensation for services offered is of course extremely important to both the advisor and the client. Because each client's needs are different, and the complexity of each situation will vary, we offer great flexibility in our schedule of services and our fee schedule.

Flat Financial Planning Costs are based on your net worth. We don't require that you have assets managed on our programs, but if you do, future financial planning fees are offset. Every 12 months costs are recalculated, discussed, and agreed upon so we are always on the same page and transparency is maintained. It's important to us that you are able to judge the value we are bringing to your life against the cost.

Our Locations

Main Branch | Rochester, MN

1741 2nd Street SW Rochester, MN 55902

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Advisors at this Location

Mankato, MN

105 Arrowwood Court
Mankato, MN 56001

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Advisors at this Location

North Loop - Appointment Only

323 Washington Ave N
suite 200

minneapolis, MN 55401

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Meet Your Team

Don't know where to start? Let's Talk! 

Whether you are already a client or looking for information about us, we invite you to schedule a convenient time to talk with us. complimentary initial consultation is always available to new potential clients. Scheduling options for each advisor are displayed underneath their profile, however if you'd prefer to schedule an appointment over the phone, feel free to call 1.800.323.9171, and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

 Dana Grimsrud Photo  Dana Grimsrud Hover Photo

Dana Grimsrud

Personal Financial Advisor

Rochester, Minnesota | Main Branch Office
 Szablis M. Klee Photo  Szablis M. Klee Hover Photo

Szablis M. Klee

Principal | Personal Financial Advisor
 Michael J. Matuska, CHFC® Photo  Michael J. Matuska, CHFC® Hover Photo

Michael J. Matuska, CHFC®

Personal Financial Advisor, Chartered Financial Consultant®
Susan Stenzel, CHFC® Photo Susan Stenzel, CHFC® Hover Photo

Susan Stenzel, CHFC®

Personal Financial Advisor, Chartered Financial Consultant®
Kim Jungas-Samson Photo Kim Jungas-Samson Hover Photo

Kim Jungas-Samson

Branch Operations Specialist

Account Information, Updates, Distributions, or Contributions

☎ 800.323.9171 ext 1

More About Me

Ethan Klee Photo Ethan Klee Hover Photo

Ethan Klee

Marketing Director

Client Events, Promotions, Marketing INquiries

☎ 800.323.9171 ext 3
✉ Ethan@FullCircle

More About Me

Ben Trenary Photo Ben Trenary Hover Photo

Ben Trenary

Plan Administration Coordinator

Business and ADvisory Apprentice, Data Management

☎ 800.323.9171 ext 8

More About Me

Maggie 'Mags' McGill-Zimny Photo Maggie 'Mags' McGill-Zimny Hover Photo

Maggie 'Mags' McGill-Zimny

Rochester Office Receptionist

General Inquiries, Scheduling Concerns, Client Experience Questions

☎ 800.323.9171 ext 8
✉ Maggie@FullCircle

More About Me

Sharon Harris Photo Sharon Harris Hover Photo

Sharon Harris

Client Services Manager

Account Information, Updates, Distributions, or Contributions
For the clients of Susan Stenzel and Michael Matuska

☎ 507.282.1793

More About Me

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Central to the mission of Full Circle Financial is providing our clients with a variety of resources - our knowledge included - to educate themselves in making life and wealth decisions.

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The Client Library


We put a focus on fun social events and educational seminars for our clients and their loved ones.

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Keep updated on the happenings at Full Circle, as well as current events, relevant topics, and interesting infographics.

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